C.R.S. Section 11-49-101

As used in this article 49, unless the context otherwise requires:


“Aged person” means any person sixty-two years of age or older.


“Board” means the financial services board created in section 11-44-101.6.


“Commissioner” means the state commissioner of financial services, serving in accordance with section 11-44-102.


“Entrance fee” means the total of any initial or deferred transfer to or for the benefit of a provider of a sum of money or other property made or promised to be made as full or partial consideration for the acceptance or maintenance of a specified individual as a resident in a facility.


“Facility” means the place in which a provider undertakes to provide life care to a resident.


“Life care” means care provided, pursuant to a life care contract, for the life of an aged person, including but not limited to services such as health care, medical services, board, lodging, or other necessities.


“Life care contract” means a written contract to provide life care to a person for the duration of the person’s life conditioned upon the transfer of an entrance fee to the provider of the services in addition to or in lieu of the payment of regular periodic charges for the care and services involved. Any life care contract payable to or for the provider in four or more installments shall be subject to the provisions of the “Uniform Consumer Credit Code”, articles 1 to 9 of title 5.


“Living unit” means a room, apartment, or other area within a facility set aside for the exclusive use or control of one or more identified residents.


“Person” means all corporations, associations, partnerships, or individuals, including fraternal or benevolent orders or societies.


“Provider” means a person who undertakes to provide services in a facility pursuant to a life care contract.


“Resident” means any person entitled pursuant to a life care contract to receive life care in a facility.


“Third-party service providers” means any person, other than a provider, who is the holder of a management contract with a provider or who contracts with a provider to provide life care services to residents.

Source: Section 11-49-101 — Definitions, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-11.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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