C.R.S. Section 12-110-104

As used in this article 110, unless the context otherwise requires:


“Boxer” means an individual who participates in a boxing match.


“Boxing” means fighting, striking, forcing an opponent to submit, or disabling an opponent, including the disciplines of kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and martial arts.


“Commission” means the Colorado combative sports commission created in section 12-110-106.


“Contest” means a match in which the participants strive earnestly to win.


“Exhibition” means a match in which participants display their boxing skills and techniques without striving earnestly to win.


“Kickboxing” means engaging in martial arts fighting techniques using the hands and feet, the object of which is to win by a decision, knockout, or technical knockout.


“Martial arts” means any of several arts of combat or self-defense that are widely practiced as sport.


“Match” means a professional boxing contest or exhibition, the object of which is to win by a decision, knockout, or technical knockout, and includes an event, engagement, sparring or practice session, show, or program where the public is admitted and there is intended to be physical contact. “Match” does not include a training or practice session when no admission is charged.


“Mixed martial arts” means the combined techniques of boxing and martial arts disciplines such as grappling, kicking, and striking, including the use of full, unrestrained physical force.


“Office” means the office of combative sports created in section 12-110-105.


“Office director” means the director of the office.


“Participant” means a person who engages in a match as a boxing contestant.


“Physician” means an individual licensed to practice medicine pursuant to article 240 of this title 12.


“Place of training” means a facility where alcohol beverages are not permitted, an admission fee is not charged for nonstudents, instructors of particular disciplines train students in the art of boxing, and students pay a fee to be enrolled in classes and receive instruction.


“Professional” means a participant who has received or competed for a purse or any other thing of value for participating in a match.


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“Toughperson fighting” means:


A physical contest, match, tournament, exhibition, or bout, or any activity that involves physical contact between two or more individuals engaging in combative skills using the hands, feet, or body, whether or not prizes or purses are awarded at the event or promised in future events or spectator admission fees are charged or received; and


A contest, match, tournament, exhibition, bout, or activity, as described in subsection (16)(a)(I) of this section, that is not recognized by and not sanctioned by any state, regional, or national boxing sanctioning authority that is recognized by the director.


“Toughperson fighting” does not mean:


Activities occurring under a martial arts instructor at a place of training or other types of instructor-student or student-student contact occurring under the supervision of an instructor at a place of training; or


A sanctioned boxing event approved by the commission.

Source: Section 12-110-104 — Definitions, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-12.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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