C.R.S. Section 12-200-106
Requirement for licensure with the division

  • annual fee
  • required disclosures


Every acupuncturist shall apply for licensure with the division by providing an application to the director in the form the director shall require. The application shall include the information specified in section 12-200-105 (1)(a) and (1)(d) to (1)(g) and shall include the disclosure of any act that would be grounds for disciplinary action against a licensed acupuncturist under this article 200.


Any changes in the information required by subsection (1) of this section shall be reported within thirty days of the change to the division in the manner prescribed by the director.


In order to qualify for licensure, an acupuncturist shall have:


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Successfully completed an education program for acupuncturists that conforms to standards approved by the director, which standards may be established by utilizing the assistance of any professional organization whose membership includes not less than one-third of the persons licensed pursuant to this article 200; or


Qualifications based on education, experience, or training that are substantially similar to those provided by this subsection (3)(a), which are documented in the form required by the director and accepted by the director in lieu of the education program; and


Passed an examination approved by the director.


Every applicant for licensure shall pay license, renewal, and reinstatement fees to be established by the director as authorized by section 12-20-105. Licenses issued pursuant to this article 200 are subject to the renewal, expiration, reinstatement, and delinquency fee provisions specified in section 12-20-202 (1) and (2). Any person whose license has expired shall be subject to the penalties provided in this article 200 or section 12-20-202 (1).


Every acupuncturist shall report to the director every judgment or administrative action, as well as the terms of any settlement or other disposition of any judgment or action, against the acupuncturist involving malpractice or improper practice of acupuncture, whether occurring in Colorado or in any other jurisdiction. The acupuncturist shall make the report either within thirty days after the judgment or action or upon application for licensure or reinstatement, whichever occurs earlier.


As a condition of licensure, every acupuncturist shall purchase and maintain commercial professional liability insurance with an insurance company authorized to do business in this state in a minimum indemnity amount of:


Fifty thousand dollars per incident and fifty thousand dollars per year, if practicing as a sole proprietor or general partnership;


Three hundred thousand dollars per incident and three hundred thousand dollars per year, if practicing as a limited liability company or a corporation.

Source: Section 12-200-106 — Requirement for licensure with the division - annual fee - required disclosures, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-12.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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