C.R.S. Section 12-205-104

As used in this article 205, unless the context otherwise requires:


“Accredited athletic training education program” means a program of instruction in athletic training that is offered by an institution of higher education and accredited by a national, regional, or state agency recognized by the United States secretary of education, or any other accredited program approved by the director.


“Athlete” means a person who, in association with an educational institution, an organized community sports program or event, or a professional, amateur, or recreational organization or sports club, participates in games, sports, recreation, or exercise requiring physical strength, flexibility, range of motion, speed, stamina, or agility.


“Athletic trainer” means a person engaged in the practice of athletic training.


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“Athletic training” means the performance of those services that require the education, training, and experience required by this article 205 for licensure as an athletic trainer pursuant to section 12-205-108. “Athletic training” includes services appropriate for the prevention, recognition, assessment, management, treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of injuries and illnesses sustained by an athlete:


Who is engaged in sports, games, recreation, or exercise requiring physical strength, flexibility, range of motion, speed, stamina, or agility; or


That affect an athlete’s participation or performance in sports, games, recreation, or exercise as described in subsection (4)(a)(I) of this section.


“Athletic training” includes:


Planning, administering, evaluating, and modifying methods for prevention and risk management of injuries and illnesses;


Identifying an athlete’s medical conditions and disabilities and appropriately caring for or referring an athlete as appropriate;


Recognizing, assessing, treating, managing, preventing, rehabilitating, reconditioning, and appropriately referring to another health-care provider to treat injuries and illnesses;


Using therapeutic modalities for which the athletic trainer has received appropriate training and education;


Using conditioning and rehabilitative exercise;


Using topical pharmacological agents, in conjunction with the administration of therapeutic modalities and pursuant to prescriptions issued in accordance with the laws of this state, for which the athletic trainer has received appropriate training and education;


Educating and counseling athletes concerning the prevention and care of injuries and illnesses;


Educating and counseling the general public with respect to athletic training services;


Referring an athlete receiving athletic training services to appropriate health-care personnel as needed; and


Planning, organizing, administering, and evaluating the practice of athletic training.


As used in this subsection (4), “injuries and illnesses” includes those conditions in an athlete for which athletic trainers, as the result of their education, training, and competency, are qualified to provide care.


“Direction of a Colorado-licensed or otherwise lawfully practicing physician or physician assistant” means the planning of services with a physician or physician assistant licensed under article 240 of this title 12 or under the medical practice act of another jurisdiction; the development and approval by the physician or physician assistant of procedures and protocols to be followed in the event of an injury or illness; the mutual review of the protocols on a periodic basis; and the appropriate consultation and referral between the physician or physician assistant and the athletic trainer.


“National certifying agency” means a nationally recognized agency that certifies the competency of athletic trainers through the use of an examination.

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