C.R.S. Section 12-225-103

As used in this article 225, unless the context otherwise requires:


“Birth center” means a freestanding facility licensed by the department of public health and environment that:


Is not a hospital, attached to a hospital, or located in a hospital;


Provides prenatal, labor, delivery, and postpartum care to low-risk pregnant persons and newborns; and


Provides care during delivery and immediately after delivery that is generally less than twenty-four hours in duration.


“Client” means a pregnant woman for whom a direct-entry midwife performs services. For purposes of perinatal or postpartum care, “client” includes the woman’s newborn.


“Direct-entry midwife” means a person who practices direct-entry midwifery.


“Direct-entry midwifery” or “practice of direct-entry midwifery” means the advising, attending, or assisting of a woman during pregnancy, labor and natural childbirth at home or at a birth center, and the postpartum period in accordance with this article 225.


“Natural childbirth” means the birth of a child without the use of instruments, surgical procedures, or prescription drugs other than those for which the direct-entry midwife has specific authority under this article 225 to obtain and administer.


“Perinatal” means the period from the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy through seven days after birth.


“Postpartum period” means the period of six weeks after birth.

Source: Section 12-225-103 — Definitions, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-12.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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