C.R.S. Section 22-23-106
Summer schools


The program established by this section shall be under the general supervision of the state board. An educational program for migrant children may be operated within the period from the termination of the regular school term in the spring until the regular school term convenes in the fall.


Any school district wherein there are migrant children in the summer period may make application to the state board to participate in the summer school program authorized by this section. From such applications the state board shall select school districts to operate summer schools for migrant children in accordance with the amount of funds available, the number of migrant children in the school districts, and other criteria specified by the state board.


Residence requirements for migrant children under the summer school program shall be the same as set forth in section 22-23-105.


For the purpose of the summer school program, in addition to “migrant child” defined in section 22-23-103, a child of school age shall be considered a migrant child if he was not able to attend the full number of days prescribed by law during the previous school year as a direct result of being in the custody of a migrant agricultural worker.


The board of education of a school district has the authority to determine whether attendance at summer school shall be voluntary or compulsory. If attendance is compulsory, migrant children shall attend unless excused in compliance with the “School Attendance Law of 1963”, article 33 of this title.


Each school district participating in the summer school program shall be reimbursed from state funds for actual costs incurred in the operation of the program, including allotments for classroom units and supervisory units based upon the formulas set forth in section 22-23-107. The school district shall also receive reimbursement, under rules of the state board, for the net cost of its school lunch operation and for school vehicle operations at rates fixed by the state board. School districts shall report all such costs on forms prescribed by the state board.

Source: Section 22-23-106 — Summer schools, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-22.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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