C.R.S. Section 23-5-112
Gifts and bequests to institutions of higher education

  • venture development investment funds


All state institutions of higher education are authorized to receive gifts and bequests of money or property which may be tendered to any such institution by will or gift. The governing board of such institution is authorized, subject to the terms of any gift or bequest and to provisions of any applicable law, to hold such funds or property in trust or invest or sell them and use either principal or interest or the proceeds of sale for the benefit of such institutions or the students or others for whose benefit such institutions are conducted.


When a governing board of an institution of higher education is offered a gift of property, whether real or personal, which directly or indirectly involves significant ongoing expenditures, the institution shall require in connection therewith an endowment sufficient to fund such expenses. This subsection (2) shall not apply when the gift has been approved by the Colorado commission on higher education with the understanding that acceptance will require an allocation of state funding and the commission is satisfied that provision therefor can be made within available resources. The commission shall prepare a statement of procedures of review and of criteria to be applied in its review of any such gifts, which shall have the approval of the governor and joint budget committee.


Nonprofit entities such as foundations, institutes, and similar organizations organized for the sole benefit of one or more state institutions of higher education are entitled to receive gifts and bequests of money or property which may be tendered to any such entity by will or gift. Such gifts and bequests are subject to audit by the state auditor or the state auditor’s designee. If the entity is entirely separate and apart from the institution, if no employees of the institution serve as staff or as voting members of the entity’s board, and if the funds and accounts of the entity are entirely separate from those of the institution, such gifts and bequests are subject to annual audit to be performed by an independent accounting firm engaged by the entity if determined in advance to be satisfactory to the legislative audit committee. The state auditor shall have access to all of the accountant’s work papers. If, alternatively, the separate relationship does not prevail, members and employees of the board of the entity may include staff members or employees of the institution, and such gifts and bequests are subject to audit by the state auditor or the state auditor’s designee.


Intentionally left blank —Ed.


Each state institution of higher education may elect to establish a venture development investment fund for the purpose of facilitating the commercialization of research projects conducted at a research institution of the institution or a research institution that has an office of technology transfer. A venture development fund may be administered by a nonprofit entity such as a foundation, institute, or similar organization that is affiliated with the institution.


The purposes of a venture development investment fund established by a state institution of higher education pursuant to this section shall include, but need not be limited to, providing the following:


Capital for entrepreneurial programs that are associated with the institution;


Opportunities for students of the institution to gain experience in applying research to commercial activities;


Proof-of-concept funding for the purpose of transforming research and development concepts into commercially viable products or services; and


Entrepreneurial opportunities for persons who are interested in transforming research into viable commercial ventures that create jobs in Colorado.


Each state institution of higher education and each nonprofit entity, such as a foundation, institute, or similar organization, that is affiliated with a state institution of higher education is authorized to seek and accept gifts, grants, and donations to facilitate the establishment of a venture development investment fund.


Individuals, businesses, and other entities are encouraged to donate moneys to research institutions of state institutions of higher education for the purpose of advancing the commercialization of research projects at the research institutions.

Source: Section 23-5-112 — Gifts and bequests to institutions of higher education - venture development investment funds, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-23.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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