C.R.S. Section 23-7-102

As used in this article, unless the context otherwise requires:




“Domicile” means a person’s true, fixed, and permanent home and place of habitation. It is the place where he intends to remain and to which he expects to return when he leaves without intending to establish a new domicile elsewhere.


“Emancipated minor” means a minor whose parents have entirely surrendered the right to the care, custody, and earnings of such minor, no longer are under any duty to support or maintain such minor, and have made no provision for the support of such minor.


“His” applies to the female as well as the male sex.


“In-state student” means a student who has been domiciled in Colorado for one year or more immediately preceding registration at any institution of higher education in Colorado for any term or session for which domiciliary classification is claimed, but attendance at an institution of higher education, public or private, within the state of Colorado shall not alone be sufficient to qualify for domicile in Colorado. “In-state student” includes a member of the armed forces of the United States or his dependents who qualify under section 23-7-103 (1)(c).


“Institution” means a Colorado college, university, or local district college supported partially or entirely by appropriations made by the general assembly.


“Minor” means a male or female person who has not attained the age of twenty-two years.


“Parent-qualified student” means an unemancipated minor who is not domiciled in Colorado but who has a parent domiciled in Colorado.


“Qualified person” means a person qualified to determine his or her own domicile. A person twenty-two years of age or older, a student commencing a postbaccalaureate degree-granting program, an emancipated minor, or an unaccompanied homeless youth pursuant to section 23-7-103.5 is so qualified.

Source: Section 23-7-102 — Definitions, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-23.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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