C.R.S. Section 26-23-103
Request for proposals for program implementation and operation

  • criteria for nonprofit
  • reporting


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The executive director shall establish and use a competitive request for proposals process to select two in-state nonprofit agencies that represent different counties with which to contract for the implementation and operation of the program. The executive director shall finalize the request for proposals process no later than August 1, 2016. Proposals must be received no later than October 1, 2016, and the executive director shall make a final decision on or before November 1, 2016.


To be eligible to implement and operate the program, each nonprofit agency must:


Be based in Colorado;


Serve the needs of the veteran population within the nonprofit agency’s geographical location;


Identify an organization in Colorado that is qualified to train canines with which the nonprofit agency will partner if selected for the program;


Generate its own revenue and reinvest the proceeds of that revenue in the growth and development of its programs, including veteran support services; and


Offer a variety of veteran support programs in connection with licensed or certified mental health professionals, as well as other services that help veterans transition to their community after military service.


In awarding for the contract, the executive director shall require each selected nonprofit agency to:


Report measurable outcomes of the program to the department, along with an evaluation of those outcomes;


Select up to ten eligible veterans to participate in the program, based on the established and posted criteria;


Select appropriate canine companions for the program based on the established criteria;


Assist in placing a selected and trained canine with an eligible veteran based on that veteran’s specific, individual needs;


Assist veterans with learning and applying the proper techniques required for successful training;


Provide mentoring and guidance to an eligible veteran who is fostering a canine that is being trained; and


Provide any other follow-along support services deemed appropriate and necessary by the department to make individual veteran-canine partnerships and the program successful.


The department shall report the outcomes and evaluations related to the program to the state, veterans, and military affairs committees of the senate and house of representatives, and the health and human services committee of the senate and the public health care and human services committee of the house of representatives, or any successor committees, after one full year of data has been collected and every year thereafter.

Source: Section 26-23-103 — Request for proposals for program implementation and operation - criteria for nonprofit - reporting, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-26.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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