C.R.S. Section 33-10-109
Powers and duties of director


It is the duty of the director to:


Appoint such personnel, subject to the provisions of section 13 of article XII of the state constitution, as are necessary for the efficient operation of the division, including such personnel designated as parks and recreation officers. An employee of the division may be certified as a parks and recreation officer by the issuance of a parks and recreation officer law enforcement card. The commission card, signed by the director, shall evidence that such parks and recreation officer has satisfied the certification requirements established by the division, including basic certification from the peace officers standards and training board. Certified parks and recreation officers shall have the power to enforce the provisions of articles 10 to 15 and 32 of this title relating to parks and outdoor recreation areas and shall cooperate with the division of parks and wildlife in the enforcement of laws, rules, and regulations.


Exercise general supervisory control over all activities, functions, and employees of the division;




Prepare such reports as the executive director requires the commission or director to submit;


Authorize, with approval of the commission, such studies as are necessary to collect, classify, and disseminate statistics, data, and other information which, in the director’s discretion, tend to accomplish the objectives of articles 10 to 15 and 32 of this title, consistent with the state policy as set forth in section 33-10-101;


Appoint special parks and recreation officers who have the power to enforce articles 10 to 15 and 32 of this title and rules of the commission. Special parks and recreation officers’ commissions shall not be issued until the applicant has submitted an application to the division setting forth his or her qualifications. The director may revoke such appointments at any time.


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Obtain from powersports vehicle manufacturers the engine rotations per minute needed to conduct the SAE J1287, as defined in section 25-12-102, C.R.S., and to make the information available to law enforcement agencies in Colorado;


Provide, at the director’s discretion, training programs to local law enforcement agencies concerning the enforcement of section 25-12-110 (1) and (2), C.R.S.;


Cooperate with federal agencies, Colorado agencies, and political subdivisions of Colorado to enforce section 25-12-110 (1) and (2), C.R.S.; and


Issue an annual report, by January 15 of each year, to the executive director and the agriculture, livestock, and natural resources committee of the house of representatives and the agriculture, natural resources, and energy committee of the senate, or any successor committees, containing the following information:


The results of a survey of federal, state, and local governments to ascertain the success of the cooperation, education, training, and enforcement components of this paragraph (g) and section 25-12-110, C.R.S.;


The expenditures of moneys appropriated for providing training and purchasing of equipment to enforce section 25-12-110 (1) and (2), C.R.S., and any other sources of funding, public or private, for the implementation of this act deemed important by the director; and


The progress and status of the cooperation efforts required by subparagraph (III) of this paragraph (g).

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