C.R.S. Section 33-14.5-112
Off-highway use permit

  • fees
  • applications
  • requirements
  • exemptions
  • rules


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No later than January 1, 1990, the division of parks and recreation shall devise a plan for implementation of the off-highway use permit program.


On and after January 1, 1991, the owner of every vehicle required to be registered pursuant to article 3 of title 42, C.R.S., and the owner or operator of every motor vehicle and off-highway vehicle from another state or country, when such vehicle is being used for recreational travel upon designated off-highway vehicle routes, shall obtain and display on such vehicle an off-highway use permit.


Off-highway use permits shall be sold by the agents referred to in section 33-12-104, and the fee to be paid for the permits must be in the amount provided by the commission by rule.


Off-highway use permits, when issued on April 1, shall be valid for a one-year period, which runs from April 1 through the following March 31. All permits issued during the year at any time after April 1 shall expire on the following March 31.


Off-highway use permits shall be displayed as required by the division.


The following vehicles shall be exempt from the requirements of this section:


Vehicles owned by the United States or another state or political subdivision thereof if such ownership is clearly displayed on such vehicles;


Vehicles operated in an organized competitive or noncompetitive event on publicly or privately owned or leased land; except that this exemption shall not apply unless the agency exercising jurisdiction over such land specifically authorizes the organized competitive or noncompetitive event;


Vehicles operated on public land for purposes other than recreational use, which purposes shall include but not be limited to logging, mining, grazing of livestock, firewood-cutting, and the taking of trees for noncommercial purposes.


Any person who violates subsection (1)(b) of this section commits a civil infraction and, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine of one hundred dollars.

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