C.R.S. Section 37-3.5-105
Election procedure

  • ballot


Any election held for the purpose of submitting the proposition of dissolution of a district may be held separately or may be consolidated or held concurrently with any other election authorized by law. The election shall be conducted by the secretary of the board of directors of such district under the supervision of the court, and the court shall fix the manner of holding the same and shall also fix the compensation to be paid the officers of the election and shall designate the precincts and polling places. The court shall also appoint for each polling place and for each precinct, from the electors thereof, the officers of such election, which officers shall consist of three judges, one of whom shall act as clerk, who shall constitute a board of election for each polling place.


The description of precincts may be made by reference to any order of the board of county commissioners of the county in which the district or any part thereof is situated or by reference to any previous order or resolution of the board or by detailed description of such precincts. Precincts established by the boards of the various counties may be consolidated for special elections held under this article. In the event that any such election is called to be held concurrently with any other election or is consolidated therewith, the court order need not designate precincts or polling places or the names of officers of election but shall contain a reference to the act or order calling such other election and fixing the precincts and polling places and appointing election officers therefrom.


The respective election boards shall conduct the election in their respective precincts in the manner prescribed by law for the holding of general elections and shall make their returns to the secretary of the district. At any regular or special meeting of the board held not earlier than five days following the date of such election, the returns thereof shall be canvassed and the results declared. In the event that any election held under this article is consolidated with any primary or general election, the returns thereof shall be made and canvassed at the time and in the manner provided by law for the canvass of the returns of such primary or general election. It is the duty of such canvassing body to promptly certify and transmit to the board a statement of the result of the vote upon the proposition submitted under this article. Upon receipt of such certificate, it is the duty of the board to tabulate and declare the results of the election held under this article.


The results of such election shall be certified promptly by the secretary of the board of directors to the court. It is the duty of the secretary of the board of directors of the district to prepare ballots to be used at the election on which shall be inscribed the words “For Dissolution” and “Against Dissolution”. The costs of the election and ballots shall be paid by the district under the supervision of the court, and the district shall be authorized, under the supervision of the court, to borrow funds for this purpose. Irrespective of any other provision of this article, the district shall not be required or authorized to hold any election on the proposition of such borrowing.

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