C.R.S. Section 40-27-102
Fence right-of-way

  • cattle guards


Every railway company or corporation whose lines or roads, or any part thereof, are open for use, within six months after the lines of such railways or any part thereof are open, except at the crossings of public roads and highways and within the limits of incorporated towns and cities or the yard limits of established stations, shall erect and thereafter maintain fences on the sides of their roads, or the part thereof open to use, where the same pass through, along, or adjoining enclosed or cultivated fields or unenclosed lands, with openings and gates therein to be hung and have latches and hinges, so that they may be opened and shut at all necessary farm crossings of the road, for the use of the proprietors or owners of the land adjoining such railroad, and shall construct and maintain at all public road crossings good and sufficient cattle guards.


Such fences, gates, and cattle guards for the protection of livestock shall be constructed as defined in section 35-46-101 (1), C.R.S., and shall be amply sufficient to prevent horses, mules, asses, and cattle from getting on said railroads; and, so long as such fences and guards, or any part thereof, are not sufficient or not in sufficiently good repair to accomplish the objective for which they are intended, such railroad corporation shall be liable for any and all damages which are done by the agent, employees, engines, trains, or cars of any other corporation permitted and running over and upon their said railroad to any such cattle, horses, asses, or mules thereon. When such fences, gates, and guards have been built and duly made and are kept in good and sufficient repair, such railroad corporation shall not be liable for any such damages unless the same were occasioned by the negligence or carelessness of such railway company or corporation or the assignee or lessee thereof.


Where gates are constructed and maintained at farm crossings, opening into enclosed pastures or cultivated fields, it is the duty of the owner or occupant of such fields or pastures so provided with gates to see that such gates are kept closed at all times when not actually in use, and where it is shown that any such gate has been left open, the owner or occupant of such lands shall be held responsible for any stock killed or damaged because of such open gate.

Source: Section 40-27-102 — Fence right-of-way - cattle guards, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-40.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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