C.R.S. Section 43-5-502
Motorcycle operator safety training program

  • rules

(1)(a)(I) The office shall establish a motorcycle operator safety training program that promotes motorcycle safety awareness and supports courses to teach students to safely operate a motorcycle and train instructors. To be eligible under the program, a course must include instruction on the effects of alcohol and drugs on the operation of motorcycles. The office shall set standards for the certification of courses in the program, ensure that program training follows these standards, and ensure that courses are offered safely, consistent with best practices. The office shall contract with MOST vendors for the purpose of providing the program.


To qualify under the program, a basic training course provided by a MOST vendor must teach the requirements for issuing a driver’s license motorcycle endorsement.


The following individuals may enroll in a certified motorcycle operator safety training course:


A resident of the state who holds a valid Colorado driver’s license, minor driver’s license, or instruction permit authorized by section 42-2-106, C.R.S.;


A member of the armed forces who has moved to Colorado on a permanent change-of-station basis and who holds a valid driver’s license issued by another state; and


An adult who holds a valid driver’s license from another state and who is eligible for a motorcycle license in the same state.
(III)(Deleted by amendment, L. 2013.)(b) The office shall promulgate rules establishing standards for MOST vendors to provide training services. The office shall promulgate rules establishing a system to record program performance data, including information on motorcycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities among persons who have completed the program.


The chief shall designate a program coordinator to implement and administer the program. The program coordinator may certify instructor training specialists who meet the applicable standards. The department of public safety shall establish standards for recertification training and monitoring of MOST instructors.


The office shall adopt such rules as are necessary to carry out the program pursuant to article 4 of title 24, C.R.S.


The office shall not expend more than fifteen percent of the total cost of the program for administrative costs.
(2)(Deleted by amendment, L. 2013.)

Source: Section 43-5-502 — Motorcycle operator safety training program - rules, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-43.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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