C.R.S. Section 11-41-130


The board of directors of any association, at a meeting called for that purpose, may adopt a plan of reorganization of the association. Two copies of the proposed plan of reorganization, signed by the president or vice-president of such association, verified by his affidavit, and attested by the secretary or assistant secretary thereof, with the seal of the association thereunto affixed, shall be submitted to the commissioner for his approval or disapproval, and he shall cause a certificate of approval or disapproval to be attached to said proposed plan, one copy to be filed in the division and one returned to the association. If approved by the commissioner, such approved plan shall be presented to the members at a special meeting called for the purpose of considering and voting upon such approved plan. The complete plan of reorganization, as adopted by the board of directors and approved by the commissioner, shall be furnished each member at the time notice of such meeting, as required by section 11-41-123, is given. If at such meeting two-thirds of all votes of the members present in person or by proxy are in favor of such approved plan, the association may proceed to reorganize in accordance therewith.


The proceedings of such meeting shall be submitted to the commissioner for his approval in the same manner as required for the submission of the plan by the board of directors. Unless the plan of reorganization fixes a later effective date thereof, the effective date of reorganization shall be the date upon which the commissioner accepts for filing the certified copies of the proceedings of the meetings of members adopting the approved plan of reorganization.


The privilege of reorganization is likewise extended to savings and loan associations which are in the course of voluntary or involuntary liquidation.


In order that equity may be done for all members of such association in the event of reorganization, all pending withdrawal applications shall be canceled.


In addition to all other lawful provisions, the plan may provide for the exchange of shares or stock or both in the association for shares or stock or both of the same or a different class of the reorganized association. Without limiting the methods by which an association may reorganize, any association may:


Provide for reorganization under the existing name of the association or under a different name;


Provide for segregation by division, on the records of the association or on the records of any reorganized association, of any part of its assets and liabilities, including division of the certificate value of the shares or stock or both, and of any reserves created to absorb losses;


Provide for segregation by division, between the association and a reorganized association or between two reorganized associations, of any part of its assets and liabilities, including division of the certificate value of the shares or stock or both and of any reserves created to absorb losses;


Fix the time prior to which notice of withdrawal of such shares so issued in exchange for shares in the associations being reorganized shall not be given.


The reorganization of such association shall not prejudice the right of any creditor of any such association to have payment of his debt out of the assets and property thereof, nor shall any creditor be thereby deprived of or prejudiced in any right of action then existing against the officers or directors of said association for any neglect or misconduct. All obligations to any such prior association shall inure to the benefit of the reorganized association and shall be enforceable by it and in its name, and demands, claims, and rights of action against any such association may be enforced against it as fully and completely as they might have been enforced theretofore; and all deeds, notes, mortgages, contracts, judgments, transactions, and proceedings whatsoever theretofore made, received, entered into, carried on, or done by such association before such reorganization shall be as good, valid, and effectual in law as though such association had never been reorganized.

Source: Section 11-41-130 — Reorganization, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-11.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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