C.R.S. Section 12-150-104
Passenger tramway safety board

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There is created in the department of regulatory agencies and allocated to the division of professions and occupations pursuant to section 24-1-122 (3)(q) the passenger tramway safety board, which consists of six members appointed by the governor and one member designated by the United States forest service. The passenger tramway safety board is a
type 1
entity, as defined in section 24-1-105.


The members appointed by the governor must represent the following interests:


Two members to represent the industry or area operators;


Two members to represent the public at large;


One member who is a licensed professional engineer not employed by a ski area or related industry; and


One member familiar with or experienced in the tramway industry who may represent the passenger tramway manufacturing or design industry or an area operator.


The governor and the United States forest service shall only appoint or designate members who, by reason of knowledge or experience, are deemed to be qualified. The knowledge or experience must be either from active and relevant involvement in the design, manufacture, or operation of passenger tramways or as a result of extensive and relevant involvement in related activities.


The governor, in making appointments, shall consider recommendations made to the governor by the membership of the particular interest from which the appointments are to be made.


Each of the appointed members shall be appointed for a term of four years and until a successor is appointed, and a board member shall not serve more than two consecutive four-year terms. A former board member may be reappointed to the board after having vacated the board for one four-year term. Vacancies on the board, for either an unexpired term or for a new term, shall be filled through prompt appointment by the governor. The member of the board designated by the United States forest service shall serve for such period as the federal agency shall determine and shall serve without compensation or reimbursement of expenses.


The governor may remove any member of the board for misconduct, incompetence, or neglect of duty.


Board members appointed by the governor shall have been residents of this state for at least three years.


No member of the board who has any form of conflict of interest or the potential thereof shall participate in consideration of the deliberations on matters to which the conflict may relate. Conflicts may include, but are not limited to, a member of the board having acted in any consulting relationship or being directly or indirectly involved in the operation of the tramway in question.


A majority of the board constitutes a quorum. When necessary, members of the board may participate remotely to conduct business during a public meeting for purposes of obtaining a quorum, facilitating the participation of members in remote locations, or both.

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