C.R.S. Section 24-6-308
Prohibited practices


No person engaged in lobbying shall:


Make any agreement under which any consideration is to be given, transferred, or paid to any person contingent upon the passage or defeat of any legislation; the making or defeat of any rule, standard, or rate by any state agency; or the approval or veto of any legislation by the governor of this state;


Knowingly attempt to deceive, or make a false statement to, a covered official regarding any material fact relating to a matter that is within the scope of duties of the covered official;


Conceal from a covered official the identity of the person or entity for whom the lobbyist is lobbying;


Knowingly use a fictitious name, or a real name without the consent of the person whose name is used, to communicate with a covered official;


Knowingly represent an interest adverse to the lobbyist’s client without first obtaining the consent of the client after full disclosure by the lobbyist of the adverse interest;


Make any form of payment to a covered official as compensation for any interest in real or personal property or the provision of services in excess of the amount of compensation that would be paid by a person who is not a lobbyist for such interest or services in the ordinary course of business;


Make a loan to a covered official or engage in any other transaction with a covered official with the intention of making the covered official personally obligated to the lobbyist;


Attempt to influence the vote of a covered official in connection with any pending matter by threat of a political reprisal, including without limitation the promise of financial support of, or opposition to, the covered official’s candidacy at any future election;


Seek to influence a covered official by communicating with the covered official’s employer;


Cause to be introduced, or influence the introduction of, any bill, resolution, amendment, standard, rule, or rate for the purpose of afterwards being employed to secure its passage or defeat;


Receive compensation for lobbying while serving as a state officer or employee of the state central committee of a political party;


Make a campaign contribution in excess of the applicable limitations established by law or rule or make, solicit, or promise to solicit a campaign contribution during the period when lobbyists are prohibited from making such contributions under section 1-45-105.5, C.R.S.;


Employ, subcontract, or pay compensation to a person for lobbying who has not registered as a lobbyist; or


Engage in any other practice that discredits the practice of lobbying or the general assembly.


Any person who believes that a lobbyist has committed any act or omission in violation of this section may file a complaint with the secretary of state or any member of the executive committee of the general assembly in accordance with the procedures for filing a complaint against a lobbyist under the joint rules of the senate and the house of representatives. Upon receipt of a complaint, the secretary of state may act upon alleged violations of this section to enforce governing laws or rules or may refer the matter to the executive committee of the general assembly.

Source: Section 24-6-308 — Prohibited practices, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-24.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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