C.R.S. Section 25-27-107
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No later than January 1, 2009, the state board shall promulgate rules establishing a schedule of fees sufficient to meet the direct and indirect costs of administration and enforcement of this article 27. The rules shall set a lower fee for facilities with a high medicaid utilization rate as defined by the state board. The rules shall be adopted in accordance with article 4 of title 24. On or after August 1, 2019, fees established pursuant to this section are subject to the limitations specified in section 25-3-105 (1)(a)(I)(B). The state board may increase a fee on the schedule established pursuant to this section that is in effect on August 1, 2019, only in accordance with section 25-3-105 (1)(a)(I)(B).


Prior to setting a fee by rule pursuant to this subsection (1.5), the department shall hold public stakeholder meetings on behalf of the state board to discuss issues pertaining to setting fees, including, without limitation, a phased-in fee schedule based upon expected licensing program costs, maximum yearly fee increases, risk-based assessments, and technical assistance that may be met by or in collaboration with the private sector.


The department shall assess and collect, from assisted living residences subject to licensure, fees in accordance with the fee schedule established by the state board.
(d)(Deleted by amendment, L. 2010, (HB 10-1422), ch. 419, p. 2108, § 133, effective August 11, 2010.)(2) The fees collected pursuant to this section shall be transmitted to the state treasurer, who shall credit the same to the assisted living residence cash fund created in section 25-27-107.5.


Notwithstanding the amount specified for any fee in this section, the state board by rule or as otherwise provided by law may reduce the amount of one or more of the fees if necessary pursuant to section 24-75-402 (3), C.R.S., to reduce the uncommitted reserves of the fund to which all or any portion of one or more of the fees is credited. After the uncommitted reserves of the fund are sufficiently reduced, the state board by rule or as otherwise provided by law may increase the amount of one or more of the fees as provided in section 24-75-402 (4), C.R.S.


Fees collected pursuant to subsection (1.5) of this section shall be used by the department, in addition to regulatory and administrative functions, to provide technical assistance and education to assisted living residences related to compliance with Colorado law. The department may contract with private entities to assist the department in providing such technical assistance and education.

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