C.R.S. Section 25.5-8-108
Financial management

  • cash system of accounting


The department shall propose rules for approval by the medical services board to implement financial management of the plan. Pursuant to such rules, the department shall adjust benefit levels, eligibility guidelines, and any other measure to ensure that sufficient funds are present to implement the provisions of this article. The department shall develop and use quality assurance measures, such as the health employer data information set (HEDIS) reports regarding provider compensation, adapted to children’s needs, to ensure that appropriate health-care outcomes are met and to justify the continued use of taxpayer dollars for the plan. The department shall implement performance-based contracting based on such quality assurance measures.


The department shall make a quarterly assessment of the expected expenditures for the plan for the remainder of the current biennium and for the following biennium. The estimated expenditures, including minimum reserve requirements shall be compared to an estimate of the revenues that will be deposited in the trust fund. Based on this comparison, the department shall make adjustments as necessary to ensure that expenditures remain within the limits of available revenues for the remainder of the current biennium and the following biennium.


The department may, in addition to any other measure it determines to be necessary, decrease subsidies for annual enrollment fees or limit enrollment in the plan to ensure that the trust retains sufficient funds pursuant to subsection (1) of this section.


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Nothing in this article or any rules promulgated pursuant to the plan shall be interpreted to create a legal entitlement in any person to coverage under the plan. If enrollment in the plan is limited, the department shall give priority to children with family incomes under one hundred thirty-three percent of the federal poverty line.


The department shall report quarterly to the joint budget committee on any enrollment caps that have been instituted for the plan and the number of children who are on waiting lists.


The department shall utilize the cash system of accounting, as enunciated by the governmental accounting standards board, regardless of the source of revenues involved, for all activities of the department relating to the financial administration of any nonadministrative expenditure for the plan.

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