C.R.S. Section 25.5-8-109.3
Health services initiatives


To the extent federal financial participation is available, the department shall design and implement health service initiatives pursuant to section 2105(a)(1)(D)(ii) of the federal “Social Security Act”, as amended, to provide funding for continuous enrollment for the twelve-month postpartum period for a person who is enrolled in health-care coverage pursuant to section 25.5-5-201 (6) or 25.5-8-109 (7).


To the extent additional federal financial participation is available, the department shall establish a stakeholder process in collaboration with department staff to determine additional priorities and budget allocations that draw down at least fifty percent of the remaining health services initiative funds to expand access to perinatal and postpartum supports. The department shall report on the established priorities and budget allocations and the ways in which they are inclusive of stakeholder input during the department’s 2024 presentation to the joint budget committee of the general assembly and in the department’s presentation to the health and human services committee of the senate and the health and insurance committee of the house of representatives, or any successor committees, at the hearing held pursuant to section 2-7-203 (2)(a) of the “State Measurement for Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent (SMART) Government Act”. In conducting the stakeholder process, the department shall:


Engage directly with impacted individuals, service providers, advocacy organizations, and individuals working in or representing communities who are diverse with regard to race, ethnicity, immigration status, age, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or geographic region of the state and who are affected by higher rates of health disparities and inequities;


Publicize, conduct, and report outcomes of stakeholder meetings in, at a minimum, English and Spanish;


Include opportunities for participation in the stakeholder process outside of regular work hours;


Conduct a minimum of five stakeholder meetings and conduct additional meetings focused on hearing input from individual constituencies listed in subsection (2)(a) of this section;


Take into consideration research and information from reports issued by the maternal mortality review committee, as required by section 25-52-104 (6);


Take into consideration data from the health survey for birthing parents to inform stakeholder decision-making; and


Consider initiatives to reduce diaper need, expand access to group-based prenatal and pediatric care models, and expand home visitation programs, including voluntary newborn nurse visitation programs that are universally offered to all families in a given community and provide at least one nurse visit within the first three months of life.


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The department shall seek any necessary federal approvals to obtain federal financial participation in implementing subsection (1) of this section.


To the extent allowable, the department shall maximize federal financial participation in implementing this section.

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