C.R.S. Section 29-13-102
Authority for units of local government to pool insurance coverage


Units of local government may cooperate with one another to form a self-insurance pool to provide all or part of the insurance coverage authorized by this article. The provisions of articles 10.5 and 47 of title 11, C.R.S., shall apply to moneys of such self-insurance pool.


Any self-insurance pool authorized by subsection (1) of this section shall not be construed to be an insurance company nor otherwise subject to the laws of this state regulating insurance or insurance companies; except that the pool shall comply with the applicable provisions of sections 10-1-203 and 10-1-204 (1) to (5).


Prior to the formation of a self-insurance pool, there shall be submitted to the commissioner of insurance a complete written proposal of the pool’s operation, including, but not limited to, the administration, claims adjusting, membership, and capitalization of the pool. The commissioner shall approve or disapprove such proposal within thirty days after receipt to assure that proper insurance techniques and procedures are included in the proposal. After such review, the commissioner shall submit written comments or recommendations regarding the proposal to the governing bodies of each participating unit of local government. If the commissioner approves the proposal, he shall issue a certificate of authority. If the commissioner disapproves the proposal, it may be resubmitted for approval after the necessary changes have been made in accordance with the written comments or recommendations of the commissioner. The costs of such review shall be paid by those units desiring to form such a pool. Any such payment received by the commissioner is hereby appropriated to the division of insurance in addition to any other funds appropriated for its normal operation.


Each self-insurance pool for units of local government created in this state shall file, with the commissioner of insurance on or before March 30 of the next succeeding year, a written report, in a form prescribed by the commissioner, signed and verified by its chief executive officer as to its condition. Such report shall include a detailed statement of assets and liabilities, the amount and character of the business transacted, and the moneys reserved and expended during the year. All such reports shall be transmitted to the governor and the local government committee of the house of representatives and the state, veterans, and military affairs committee of the senate, or any successor committees.


The commissioner of insurance, or any person authorized by him, shall conduct an insurance examination at least once a year to determine that proper underwriting techniques and sound funding, loss reserves, and claims procedures are being followed. This examination shall be paid for by the self-insurance pool out of its funds at the same rate as provided for foreign insurance companies under section 10-1-204 (9), C.R.S.


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Any self-insurance pool organized pursuant to this section may invest in securities meeting the investment requirements established in part 6 of article 75 of title 24, C.R.S., and may also invest in membership claim deductibles and in any other security or other investment authorized for such pools by the commissioner of insurance.


Any unit of local government which is a member of a self-insurance pool organized pursuant to this section or any instrumentality formed by two or more of such members may invest in subordinated debentures issued by such self-insurance pool.


In addition to property coverage pursuant to subsection (1) of this section and liability coverage pursuant to section 24-10-115.5, C.R.S., a self-insurance pool authorized by subsection (1) of this section may provide workers’ compensation coverage pursuant to section 8-44-204, C.R.S., and firefighter heart and circulatory malfunction benefits pursuant to section 29-5-302.

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