C.R.S. Section 32-11.5-301
Service charges


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The district may impose and collect service charges, or special fees as defined by Colorado law, for direct or indirect connection with, or the use or services of, facilities, including, but not limited to, minimum charges and charges for the availability of facilities or related services. Such service charges may only be charged within the watershed management area.


Service charges may be charged to and collected in advance or otherwise by the district at any time from any owner or occupant of real property within the watershed management area that directly or indirectly is, has been, or will be connected with facilities or from which or on which originates or has originated rainfall, other surface and subsurface drainage, or storm and flood waters that have entered or will enter facilities, and the owner or occupant of any such real property shall be liable for and shall pay the service charges to the district when due and payable.


Service charges of the district shall accrue from the date on which the board estimates, in any resolution authorizing the issuance of any bonds to be paid from service charge revenues or in any contract with any person, that the facilities for which the service charge is imposed will be available for service or use.


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Service charges:


Shall be imposed at rates reasonably calculated to defray only the costs of the facilities for which they are imposed that are not defrayed by other district revenues;


Shall, as nearly as the district deems practicable and equitable, be uniform throughout the watershed management area for the same type, class, and amount of use of facilities or related services;


May be based or computed:


On measurements of drainage flow devices duly provided and maintained by the district or by any user as approved by the district;


On the consumption of water in, on, or in connection with the real property on which the service charge is imposed, making due allowance for commercial and other use of water discharged into any sanitary sewer system and for any infiltration of groundwater and discharge of surface runoff into the sewer system;


On the capacity of the capital improvements in, on, or connected with the real property on which the service charge is imposed;


On the availability of service of facilities;


On any other factors determining the type, class, and amount of use or service of facilities; or


On any combination of the factors specified in sub-subparagraphs (A) to (E) of this subparagraph (III).


For purposes of determining service charges, the district may give weight to the specific characteristics of any real property, including, but not limited to, location within the watershed, the characteristics of capital improvements, both proposed and existing, in any subdivision or other area in the watershed management area or any other special matter affecting the runoff of rainfall, other surface and subsurface drainage, or storm and flood waters from the real property directly or indirectly into the district’s facilities.


The district may set reasonable penalties for any delinquencies in the payment of service charges, including without limitation interest on delinquent service charges from any date due at a rate not exceeding one percent per month, or fraction of a month, reasonable attorney fees, and other costs of collection.


The district shall prescribe and revise a schedule of any service charges it imposes or collects. The schedule shall comply with the terms of any contract of the district and shall ensure that the service charges of the district are adequate, taking into account other available district revenues and anticipated service charge delinquencies, to:


Pay all facilities operation and maintenance expenses;


Pay punctually the principal of and interest on any bonds payable from revenues of facilities;


Maintain required reserves or sinking funds; and


Pay all expenses incidental to facilities or projects, including, but not limited to, contingencies and acquisition, improvement, and equipment costs, required by the terms of any contract or otherwise deemed necessary or desirable by the district.


The district shall keep a copy of any schedule of service charges in effect on file at its principal office and shall allow inspection of the schedule whenever the office is open for business.


Except as otherwise provided in a contract or agreement entered into by the district as authorized by section 32-11.5-205 (4)(e), only the board may prescribe, supervise, or regulate the performance of services pertaining to facilities or set or alter service charges.

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