C.R.S. Section 33-32-102

As used in this article 32, unless the context otherwise requires:


“Advertise” or “advertisement” means any message in any printed materials or electronic media used in the marketing and messaging of river outfitter operations.


and (2) Repealed.


“Guide” means any individual, including but not limited to subcontractors, employed for compensation by any river outfitter for the purpose of operating vessels.


“Guide instructor” means any qualified guide whose job responsibilities include the training of guides.


“Person” means any individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, nonprofit corporation or organization as defined in section 13-21-115.5 (3), C.R.S., limited liability company, firm, association, or other legal entity either located within or outside of this state.


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“Regulated trip” means any river trip for which river-running services are provided which has been the subject of an advertisement or for which a fee has been charged regardless of whether such fee is:


Charged exclusively for the river trip or as part of a packaged trip, recreational excursion, or camp; or


Calculated to monetarily profit the river outfitter or is calculated merely to offset some or all of the actual costs of the river trip.


“Regulated trip” does not include a trip in which a person is providing river-running services exclusively for family or friends as part of a social gathering of such family or friends.


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“River outfitter” means a person advertising to provide or providing river-running services in the nature of facilities, guide services, or transportation for the purpose of river-running.


“River outfitter” does not include a person:


Whose only service is providing motor vehicles, vessels, and other equipment for rent;


Whose only service is providing instruction in stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, or kayaking skills; or


Who is providing river-running services exclusively for family or friends.


“Trip leader” means any guide whose job responsibilities include being placed in charge of a river trip.


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“Vessel” means every description of watercraft used or capable of being used as a means of transportation of persons and property on the water, including all types of stand-up paddleboards.


“Vessel” does not include:


Any single-chambered, air-inflated devices that are not stand-up paddleboards; or



Source: Section 33-32-102 — Definitions, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-33.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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