C.R.S. Section 35-70-111
Certify assessments or tax

If an assessment or tax has been voted as provided in section 35-70-109 (2), the supervisors shall, in accordance with the schedule prescribed by 39-5-128, C.R.S., certify to the board of county commissioners of the county in which any tract or parcel of land within the district may lie the amount of assessment or tax to be levied against such land as shown by the distribution of the budget of the district. Such assessment or tax shall be added to all other taxes levied or assessed against such land and shall be collected as are other property taxes. Assessments or taxes against any lands owned by the United States or the state of Colorado or any agency of either shall not be certified to the county commissioners as provided in this section, but such assessments or taxes shall be collected in accordance with agreements to be entered into by the supervisors and the public owner or agency controlling such lands.

Source: Section 35-70-111 — Certify assessments or tax, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-35.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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