C.R.S. Section 36-20-112
Permit required

  • when issued


The director, in accordance with regulations, shall issue a weather modification permit to each applicant who:
(a)(Deleted by amendment, L. 96, p. 969, § 8, effective July 1, 1996.)(b) Pays the permit fee, if applicable;


Furnishes proof of financial responsibility adequate to meet obligations reasonably likely to be attached to or result from the proposed weather modification operation. Such proof of financial responsibility may, but at the discretion of the director shall not be required to, be shown by presentation of proof of a prepaid insurance policy with an insurance company licensed to do business in Colorado, which insurance policy shall insure liabilities in an amount set by the director and provide a cancellation clause with a thirty-day notice to the director, or by filing with the director an individual, schedule, blanket, or other corporate surety bond in an amount approved by the director. The director shall not require proof of financial responsibility in excess of the limitations imposed by section 24-10-114, C.R.S., from any political subdivision of the state authorized to conduct ground-based winter cloud seeding weather modification activities pursuant to this article.


Submits a complete operational plan for each proposed project prepared by the operator in control which includes a specific statement of objectives, a map of the proposed operating area which specifies the primary target area and shows the area reasonably expected to be affected, the name and address of the operator, the nature and object of the intended operation, the person or organization on whose behalf it is to be conducted, and a statement showing any expected effect upon the environment and methods of determining and evaluating the same. This operational plan shall be placed on file with the director and with any other agent as the director may require.


Publishes a notice of intent to modify weather in the counties to be affected by the weather modification program before the operator secures a permit and before beginning operations. The published notice shall designate the primary target area and indicate the general area which might be affected. It shall also indicate the expected duration and intended effect and state that complete details are available on request from the operator or the director or from the other agent specified by the director. The publication shall also specify a time and place, not more than one week following the completion of publication, for a hearing on the proposed project. Proof of publication shall be furnished to the director by the operator.


Receives approval under the criteria set forth in subsection (3) of this section;


Provides the information that is requested by the director regarding the qualifications, education, and experience of the operator.


Before a permit may be issued, the director or his authorized agents shall hold a public hearing on the proposed project. Said hearing shall be held in a place within a reasonable proximity of the area expected to be affected by the proposed operation.


No permit may be issued unless the director determines, based on the information provided in the operational plan and on the testimony provided at the public hearing:
(a)(Deleted by amendment, L. 96, p. 969, § 8, effective July 1, 1996.)(b) That the project is reasonably expected to benefit the people in said area or benefit the people of the state of Colorado;


That the project is scientifically and technically feasible;
(d)(Deleted by amendment, L. 96, p. 969, § 8, effective July 1, 1996.)(e) That the project does not involve a high degree of risk of substantial harm to land, people, health, safety, property, or the environment;


That the project is designed to include adequate safeguards to prevent substantial damage to land, water rights, people, health, safety, or to the environment;


That the project will not adversely affect another project; and


That the project is designed to minimize risk and maximize scientific gains or economic benefits to the residents of the area or the state.

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