C.R.S. Section 39-30.5-107
Rural jump-start zone reporting requirements


The commission shall annually post on the Colorado office of economic development’s website, and include in the commission’s annual report required to be presented to the general assembly pursuant to section 24-46-104 (2), the following information regarding any rural jump-start zone program benefits allowed under this article 30.5:


The distressed county and interested municipalities that make up each rural jump-start zone, the number of approved rural jump-start zones, the distribution of new businesses across rural jump-start zones, and the number of rural jump-start zones that have graduated from the rural jump-start zone program, including a comparison of such numbers before and after the rural jump-start program renewal in 2020;


Information regarding the tier one transition communities that are a part of any rural jump-start zones;


The state institution of higher education or economic development organization that submitted the application;


The name, type, and active or inactive status of each approved new business, including whether the new business is in an advanced industry as defined in section 24-48.5-117 (2)(a), and a comparison of the total number of approved and active new businesses over time;


Evidence of any ancillary economic development occurring in any rural jump-start zone as a result of the rural jump-start program;


The tax year for which the first credit certificate is issued or the date the sales and use tax refund is authorized;


The number of new hires hired and the number of individuals hired by a new business that do not meet the new hire definition specified in section 39-30.5-103 (8);


The average salary or hourly wage of each new hire;


An estimated amount, as calculated by the new business, of the income tax credits for the new business and any new hires and the sales and use tax refunds allowed in section 39-30.5-105, and an estimated amount, as calculated by the new business, of incentive payments, exemptions, or refunds provided by local governments as allowed in section 39-30.5-106;


The types of grants, grant amounts, and information regarding grant recipients for all grants awarded under section 39-30.5-105 (5); and
Any other economic benefits resulting from the rural jump-start zone program.


Any new business located in a rural jump-start zone must submit an annual report to the commission in a form and at such time and with such information as prescribed by the commission in its guidelines. Such information shall be sufficient for the commission to monitor the continued eligibility of the new business and the new hires to continue to participate in the rural jump-start zone program and to receive the rural jump-start zone program benefits.

Source: Section 39-30.5-107 — Rural jump-start zone reporting requirements, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-39.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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