C.R.S. Section 7-63-105


The articles of association shall state:


The domestic entity name of the association, which domestic entity name shall comply with part 6 of article 90 of this title;


A statement that the association is formed under this article;


If management is vested in the members or in one or more classes of members as provided in section 7-63-110 (3), a statement to that effect and, if any class or classes of members, but not all, are so vested with management, the name of each of the classes of members indicating which are and which are not so vested with management;


Any notice of provisions of the bylaws permitted by section 7-63-111 (3) concerning the authority of officers and managers or otherwise restricting the application of section 7-63-111 (4);


The principal office address of the association’s initial principal office; and


The registered agent name and registered agent address of the association’s initial registered agent.
(g)(Deleted by amendment, L. 2003, p. 2248, § 145, effective July 1, 2004.)(2) Any amendment to or restatement of the articles of association shall be approved in a separate writing or writings by all of the members. This subsection (2) is a default rule, subject to the bylaws.
(3)(Deleted by amendment, L. 2002, p. 1824, § 49, effective July 1, 2002; p. 1688, § 47, effective October 1, 2002.)(4) Except in a proceeding by the state to involuntarily dissolve an association, the filing of the articles of association by the secretary of state is conclusive as to formation of the association and it shall be incontestable that all conditions precedent to formation have been met.

Source: Section 7-63-105 — Articles, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-07.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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