C.R.S. Section 11-110-102
Legislative declaration

It is declared to be the policy of this state that checks, drafts, money orders, or other instruments for the transmission or payment of credit or money are widely used by the people of this state as a process of settling accounts or debts and that sellers and issuers of the instruments receive, in the aggregate, large sums of money from the people of this state and it is therefore imperative that the integrity, experience, and financial responsibility and reliability of those engaged in the various types of businesses dealing in the instruments be above reproach. In order that the people of this state may be safeguarded from default in the payment of these instruments, it is necessary that proper regulatory authority be established through the banking board. Any person who sells or issues the instruments without complying with the provisions of this article 110 endangers the public interest.

Source: Section 11-110-102 — Legislative declaration, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-11.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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