C.R.S. Section 33-45-102

As used in this article 45, unless the context otherwise requires:


“Commission” means the public utilities commission of the state of Colorado.


“District” means a special district, local improvement district, school district, or other political subdivision of the state.


“Local government” means a home rule or statutory municipality, county, or city and county.


“Local improvement district” has the meaning set forth in section 32-7-103 (7).


“Powerline trail” means a multimodal trail that is:


Eight feet in width or wider;


Made of hard surface such as concrete or compacted gravel;


Used for recreational purposes or commuting in a manner that does not involve a motor vehicle; and


Located in an existing or future transmission corridor.


“Public entity” means the state, a local government, or a district.


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“Recreational purpose” includes walking, running, bicycling, class 1 or class 2 electrical assisted bicycling, equestrian activities, use of electric scooters, cross-country skiing, or other similar uses.


“Recreational purpose” does not include the use of a motor vehicle or other self-propelled vehicle that is not an electrical assisted bicycle, electric scooter, low-power scooter, or motorized wheelchair, as those terms are defined in section 42-1-102.


“School district” has the meaning set forth in section 22-11-103 (29).


“Special district” has the meaning set forth in section 32-1-103 (20).


“Transmission corridor” means a tract of land owned, occupied, or leased by a transmission provider, or covered by an easement or right-of-way held by a transmission provider, where an electric transmission line is constructed, operated, or maintained at a voltage of sixty-nine thousand volts or above.


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“Transmission provider” means:


A transmission utility, as defined in section 40-5-108 (1)(b); or


The Colorado electric transmission authority created in section 40-42-103 (1).


“Transmission provider” does not include a municipally owned utility, a power authority established pursuant to section 29-1-204 (1), or a cooperative electric association, as defined in section 40-9.5-102 (1), that has voted to exempt itself from the “Public Utilities Law”, articles 1 to 7 of title 40, pursuant to section 40-9.5-103.

Source: Section 33-45-102 — Definitions, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-33.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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