C.R.S. Section 23-1-102
Commission established

  • terms of office




There is established a central policy and coordinating board for higher education in the state of Colorado, to be known as the Colorado commission on higher education, referred to in this article 1 as the “commission”. The duties and powers delegated to the commission by this article 1 apply to all state-supported institutions of higher education, including, but not limited to, all postsecondary institutions in the state supported in whole or part by state funds, and including community colleges, extension programs of the state-supported universities and colleges, local district colleges, area technical colleges, the Auraria higher education center established in article 70 of this title 23, and specifically the regents of the university of Colorado and the institutions it governs. The governing boards and institutions of the public system of higher education in Colorado, including the university of Colorado, are obligated to conform to the policies set by the commission within the authorities delegated to it in this article 1. The commission is a
type 1
entity, as defined in section 24-1-105.


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The commission consists of the following members, appointed by the governor with the consent of the senate:


One member from each congressional district in the state; and


Three members from the state at large.


The governor shall select the members of the commission on the basis of their knowledge of and interest in higher education. At least one member of the commission must reside west of the continental divide. No more than a minimum majority of the members of the commission may be affiliated with the same political party at any time.


The term of each member is four years; except that the terms shall be staggered so that no more than a minimum majority of members’ terms expire in the same year. No member of the commission may serve more than two consecutive full four-year terms.


At the time of appointment, no member of the commission shall have been an officer, employee, or member of a governing board or an officer or employee of any state-supported institution of higher education in the state for a period of one year prior to his or her appointment. During his or her term of office, no member of the commission shall be a member of the general assembly or an officer, employee, or member of a governing board or an officer or employee of a state-supported institution of higher education.


Members of the commission are entitled to receive seventy-five dollars per diem for attendance at official meetings plus actual and necessary expenses incurred in the conduct of official business.


The commission shall meet as often as necessary to carry out its duties as defined in this article.


The term of any member of the commission who misses more than two consecutive regular commission meetings without good cause shall be terminated and his successor appointed in the manner provided for appointments under this section.


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(b)(Deleted by amendment, L. 2000, p. 412, § 2, effective April 13, 2000.)

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