C.R.S. Section 24-37.5-122
Study of personally identifiable information

  • authority of chief information officer
  • report to joint technology committee
  • definitions
  • repeal


The chief information officer shall convene an advisory group to study where personally identifiable information is stored by state agencies throughout Colorado, to study entities that have access to personally identifiable information stored by state agencies, and to determine the costs and processes necessary to centralize the storage and protection of personally identifiable information.


The advisory group consists of:


The members of the government data advisory board created in section 24-37.5-703;


One member who represents the attorney general’s office, appointed by the attorney general; and


Any number of members who are personally identifiable information experts selected and appointed by the chief information officer.


On or before January 1, 2023, the advisory group shall complete its work and present to the joint technology committee a summary of the advisory group’s findings, including, if appropriate, proposals for legislation.


As used in this section:


“Personally identifiable information” means information that may be used, along or in conjunction with any other information, to identify a specific individual, including but not limited to a name; a date of birth; a place of birth; a social security number or tax identification number; a password or pass code; an official government-issued driver’s license or identification card number; information contained in an employment authorization document; information contained in a permanent resident card; vehicle registration information; a license plate number; a photograph, electronically stored photograph, or digitized image; a fingerprint; a record of a physical feature, a physical characteristic, a behavioral characteristic, or handwriting; a government passport number; a health insurance identification number; an employer, student, or military identification number; a financial transaction device; a school or educational institution attended; a source of income; medical information; biometric data; financial and tax records; home or work addresses or other contact information; family or emergency contact information; status as a recipient of public assistance or as a crime victim; race; ethnicity; national origin; immigration or citizenship status; sexual orientation; gender identity; physical disability; intellectual and developmental disability; or religion.


“State agency” means any department, commission, council, board, bureau, committee, institution of higher education, agency, or other governmental unit of the executive, judicial, or legislative branch of state government.


This section is repealed, effective January 1, 2024.

Source: Section 24-37.5-122 — Study of personally identifiable information - authority of chief information officer - report to joint technology committee - definitions - repeal, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-24.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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