C.R.S. Section 22-11-501
State data reporting system


The department shall administer, manage, and maintain a comprehensive data collection and reporting system for collecting and reporting the data specified in and required to implement this article. The department shall ensure that the state data reporting system is capable of:


Collecting, through electronic transfer where possible, all student, public school, school district, and institute performance data required to ascertain the degree to which public schools, school districts, and the institute are meeting the statewide targets for attainment on the performance indicators;


Producing data to support decision-making and learning and to prepare the reports on public school, school district, institute, and state performance described in section 22-11-503;


Protecting the privacy of students;


Including all the information and data elements needed to measure student, public school, school district, institute, and state performance; and


Supporting analysis of the relationship between school district and public school expenditures and program characteristics and effectiveness.


The data elements collected and provided by the department, school districts, the institute, and individual public schools shall be compatible and interoperable. Each school district that has a unique information management system shall ensure that its unique system is compatible with the data elements of the state data reporting system so that all data required to be input into the state data reporting system is made available through electronic transfer and in the appropriate input format.


The department shall have the following duties and responsibilities with regard to the state data reporting system:


To consult with school district representatives in the design and maintenance of the data model and implementation plans for the electronic transfer of data between school districts, the institute, individual public schools, and the state data reporting system;


To provide operational definitions for the state data reporting system through the data dictionary created pursuant to section 22-2-305;


To determine the information and specific data elements required for the performance decisions made at each public school, recognizing that the time and effort of instructional personnel expended in collection and compilation of data should be minimized;


To develop standardized terms and procedures to be followed at all public schools;


To develop an electronic standardized transmittal format to be used for collection of data from school districts, the institute, and public schools;


To develop appropriate computer applications to ensure the integrity and integration of the specific data elements;


To develop the necessary applications to provide statistical analysis of the comprehensive information and supporting data elements provided in paragraph (f) of this subsection (3) in such a way that required reports may be disseminated, comparisons may be made, and relationships may be determined in order to provide the necessary information for making performance decisions at all public schools;


To develop output and reporting formats that will provide school districts, the institute, and public schools with diagnostic information for making academic and safety environment decisions at all public schools;


To assist school districts and the institute in establishing their standardized electronic transmittal capabilities, including but not limited to awarding grants pursuant to rule of the state board to public schools, school districts, and the institute to assist them in upgrading their transmittal capabilities;


To establish procedures for the annual evaluation of the effectiveness and ease of use of the state data reporting system;


To perform such other actions as are necessary to carry out the intent of the general assembly that the needs of the state data reporting system for performance decision-making and reporting are met; and


To apply for gifts, grants, and donations, including grants awarded under the federal “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”, Pub.L. 111-5, for the implementation of internet-based tools to deliver instructional advice and content supported by formative assessment data and to directly connect teachers across the state to enhance educators’ collaboration, use of data, instruction, and professional accountability.


The specific responsibilities of each school district and the institute shall include:


Developing, with assistance from the department, system compatibility between the state data reporting system and unique school district and individual public school data systems;


Providing, with the assistance of the department, in-service training on the state data reporting system’s purposes and scope, a method of electronically transmitting input data, and the use of performance reporting information;


Advising the department of all district data management needs as they relate to the state data reporting system;


Electronically transmitting required data elements and an accounting as required by section 22-55-108 to the appropriate processing locations in accordance with guidelines established by the department;


Determining required data output and reports, comparisons, and relationships to be provided to the school district or the institute by the state data reporting system, continuously reviewing these reports for usefulness and meaning, and submitting recommended additions, deletions, and changes in accordance with the guidelines established by the department; and


Being responsible for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of data elements transmitted to the department.

Source: Section 22-11-501 — State data reporting system, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-22.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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