C.R.S. Section 34-60-102
Legislative declaration


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It is declared to be in the public interest and the commission is directed to:


Regulate the development and production of the natural resources of oil and gas in the state of Colorado in a manner that protects public health, safety, and welfare, including protection of the environment and wildlife resources;


Protect the public and private interests against waste in the production and utilization of oil and gas;


Safeguard, protect, and enforce the coequal and correlative rights of owners and producers in a common source or pool of oil and gas to the end that each such owner and producer in a common pool or source of supply of oil and gas may obtain a just and equitable share of production therefrom; and


Plan and manage oil and gas operations in a manner that balances development with wildlife conservation in recognition of the state’s obligation to protect wildlife resources and the hunting, fishing, and recreation traditions they support, which are an important part of Colorado’s economy and culture. Pursuant to section 33-1-101, C.R.S., it is the policy of the state of Colorado that wildlife and their environment are to be protected, preserved, enhanced, and managed for the use, benefit, and enjoyment of the people of this state and its visitors.


It is neither the intent nor the purpose of this article 60 to require or permit the proration or distribution of the production of oil and gas among the fields and pools of Colorado on the basis of market demand. It is the intent and purpose of this article 60 to permit each oil and gas pool in Colorado to produce up to its maximum efficient rate of production, subject to the protection of public health, safety, and welfare, the environment, and wildlife resources and the prevention of waste as set forth in section 34-60-106 (2.5) and (3)(a), and subject further to the enforcement and protection of the coequal and correlative rights of the owners and producers of a common source of oil and gas, so that each common owner and producer may obtain a just and equitable share of production from the common source.


It is further declared to be in the public interest to assure that producers and consumers of natural gas are afforded the protection and benefits of those laws and regulations of the United States that affect the price and allocation of natural gas and crude oil, including the federal “Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978”, 15 U.S.C. sec. 3301 et seq., as amended, and particularly that the energy and carbon management commission created in section 34-60-104.3 (1) be empowered to exercise such powers and authorities as may be delegated to it by the laws or regulations of the United States, including said “Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978”, and, in the exercise of such powers and authorities, to make such rules and to execute such agreements and waivers as are reasonably required to implement such power and authority.

Source: Section 34-60-102 — Legislative declaration, https://leg.­colorado.­gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/crs2023-title-34.­pdf (accessed Oct. 20, 2023).

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